Wrigley Field Seating Chart.


Where To Sit At Wrigley Field 

Wrigley Field is the 2nd oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball. Therefore, its construction and dimensions are a lot different than some of the newer ballparks popping up all over the country. With that, many Chicago Cubs fans are probably aware of the many quirky obstructions scattered throughout the ballpark but don’t know exactly where they are.


Every seating area is a little different so we’re going to make things easier on everyone and breakdown the Wrigley Field seating chart as much as possible. We’ll start with the dugout boxes behind home plate.




Dugout Box Seats

View from Dugout Box Seats at Wrigley Field

The Dugout Boxes are the best seats at Wrigley Field in terms of proximity to the field. They’re the most expensive premium seats and are called “dugout boxes” because they extend from dugout to dugout in sections 16-25. There are four rows in every section in the dugout boxes. What I like the most about this area is that these are just regular seats with a great view of the field. It’s not a private area with a pre-game buffet, private waiters, private lounges, etc. The Chicago Cubs organization stayed true to old time baseball here.




Field Box Seats

View from the Field Box Seats at Wrigley Field

The Field Box seats consists of sections 101-142. First things first, section 101 is considered the “Family Section” at Wrigley Field which means no alcohol is served and behavior is strictly monitored. The Family Section is deep in the left field corner, ironically, close to the Wrigley Field bleachers where you’re capable of seeing practically anything. Avoid section 101 at all costs; it’s just not worth the money required to sit field level. There are two seating areas that are considered the Field Boxes; outfield field boxes (sections 101-110, 133-142) and infield field boxes (sections 110-133). The only difference is the price tag per ticket – the infield field boxes are significantly more expensive. I have personally sat in the field box seats for a Chicago Cubs game and they were phenomenal. No obstructions, all of the fans and usher were very friendly, each seat had plenty of room for your body. You can't go wrong with any Field Box ticket. 





Bullpen Box Seats

View from the Bullpen Box Seats at Wrigley Field

The bullpen boxes are the smallest seating area at Wrigley Field with only five sections and three rows per section. They consist of sections 9-11 and 33-34. Sections 9-11 are adjacent to the Cubs dugout on the third base side. Sections 33-34 are adjacent to the visiting team’s dugout on the first base side. They’re called the bullpen boxes because at Wrigley Field the bullpens are actually to the side of the playing field. Most of the relief pitchers will actually sit a few feet from you making this one of the best seating areas to obtain autographs from players before the game. The bullpen boxes are often the 2nd most expensive seats for Chicago Cubs games aside from the dugout boxes.





Club Box Seats

View from the Club Box Seats at Wrigley Field

The club boxes are the seats the closest to the field that aren’t bullpen boxes or dugout boxes. They consist of sections 4-38. Most club boxes have 10 or 11 rows of seats. No bad seats in the club box sections but keep in mind that the ushers always keep this area locked down tight. This is probably the seating area that sees the most foul balls throughout the games. The Chicago Cubs organization utilize a dynamic pricing model, so tickets will vary from $110 to $180 per seat. Well worth the experience if you have that kind of money.





View from the Bleachers at Wrigley Field

The bleachers are widely considered the most popular seating area at Wrigley Field perhaps because it’s general admission meaning there is no assigned seating. Fans that line up hours before the game are able to get front row tickets if they so choose. During the MLB playoffs, however, the Chicago Cubs implement assigned seating. The bleachers are great for college students and younger Cub fans but not elderly fans or fans with children. It’s definitely more like a frat party than an intense baseball environment. However, the bleacher seats don't have backs to them so they can get a tad bit comfortable for a three hour baseball game. Another downside; the bleachers don’t give you access to the rest of Wrigley Field. So if it’s your first time at Wrigley Field and you want to get the full experience; don’t buy bleacher tickets!





Budweiser Patio 

View from the Budweiser Patio at Wrigley Field

According to the Chicago Cubs website, the Budweiser Patio gives Chicago Cubs fans the Wrigleyville rooftop experience inside the ballpark. That’s not true. The view and experience is completely different from the various rooftops beyond the outfield. On the Budweiser Patio, there are three areas for three different private groups. Each area has 32 seats and 18 standing room only tickets – accommodating approximately 50 fans.

View from the Budweiser Patio at Wrigley Field

Fans in the area will receive all you can drink alcohol, sodas and food. There are tables for fans to eat at on the patio as well. The prices for a Budweiser patio ticket will vary depending on the game but all will be in excess of $150. Cubs fans will need to contact the Chicago Cubs ticket office at 773-404-4200.





Terrace Box Seats

View from the Terrace Box Seats at Wrigley Field

The terrace box seating area consists of sections 205-237. Since the terrace boxes are only the first six rows of every terrace section, you don’t have to worry about any of the beam poles obstructing your view of the playing field. The seats are comfortable and offer just as good of a view as the club boxes; only a little further back. Face value for the average terrace box seats will range between $50-$60.





Terrace Reserved Seats

View from the Terrace Reserved Seats at Wrigley Field

The terrace reserved seating area is the area that gives Wrigley Field its bad name with its many obstructed views of the playing field. Any seat past row 7 runs the risk of having a bad spot or two so beware. Most of the terrace sections have between 23 and 30 rows of seats. If your seats are past row 15, the overhang from the upper level will keep you from seeing the scoreboard in center field. Before purchasing any terrace level seat on Stubhub or similar websites, be sure you inspect the ticket listing for the words “limited view”. If you’re looking for a lower level ticket at a bargain price for a big game (vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago White Sox), the terrace reserved tickets can usually be had for much cheaper than elsewhere at Wrigley Field.





Upper Deck Box Seats

View from the Upper Deck Box at Wrigley Field

The upper deck box seats offer some of the best views of the playing field in the entire stadium; especially if you buy the infield sections (409-431). The views of the surrounding Wrigleyville neighborhood are also spectacular. If you purchase these seats, you’ll actually be closer to the field than the terrace reserved seats below. These seats are also free of obstructions which is a plus. Most upper deck box seats will range in price from $60-$80 face value.





Upper Deck Reserved Seats

View from the Upper Deck Reserved Seats at Wrigley Field

The upper deck reserved seats consists of sections 503-538. Every upper deck reserved sections sits directly behind an upper deck box section. These are relatively small sections with only 9 rows of seats. Every seat will be protected from the rain and hot sun by the overhang. The only bad part about these seats are the beam poles that will obstruct your view of the playing field. And there are a lot of them! Refer to the list below to see where all of the seats with obstructed views are. These are some of the cheapest seats in the ballpark and to be honest, I would avoid them at all costs. The bleachers are a much better option if you see similarities in price between those and upper reserved tickets.






Seats with Obstructed Views at Wrigley Field

 Obstructed View Seat at Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Photo SourceBaseball-Fever

The following seats are where you will find the beam poles that act as a support system for the upper deck at Wrigley Field. Hence, there are plenty of obstructed view seats at Wrigley Field which creates a poor fan experience. The instructions I'm about to give you could be very confusing so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible. For every seat you see on the obstructed seat list, try to avoid the same seat in rows behind it as well as any seat nearby. As you can also probably tell, if your seats are below row 5 in any of the 200 level sections, you’ll be free of obstructions.


Obstructed Terrace Reserved Seats

Section 202 row 22 seat 1
Section 204 row 15 seat 103
Section 205 row 8 seat 107
Section 206 row 6 seat 101
Section 208 row 6 seat 101
Section 209 row 6 seat 101
Section 211 row 6 seat 101
Section 213 row 6 seat 107
Section 215 row 6 seat 114
Section 215 row 6 seat 9
Section 216 row 6 seat 5
Section 218 row 6 seat 1
Section 219 row 6 seat 1
Section 220 row 6 seat 1
Section 222 row 6 seat 101
Section 223 row 6 seat 101
Section 224 row 6 seat 101
Section 226 row 6 seat 101
Section 228 row 6 seat 1
Section 229 row 6 seat 1
Section 231 row 6 seat 1
Section 233 row 6 seat 1
Section 235 row 6 seat 1
Section 236 row 6 seat 1
Section 237 row 10 seat 6
Section 239 row 17 seat 3
Section 240 row 20 seat 108


Obstructed Upper Deck Reserved Seats

Section 503 row 1 seat 12
Section 505 row 1 seat 101
Section 506 row 1 seat 101
Section 508 row 1 seat 101
Section 509 row 1 seat 1
Section 511 row 1 seat 1
Section 512 row 1 seat 101
Section 514 row 1 seat 101
Section 515 row 1 seat 101
Section 516 row 1 seat 1
Section 517 row 1 seat 1
Section 524 row 1 seat 1
Section 525 row 1 seat 1
Section 528 row 1 seat 106
Section 529 row 1 seat 101
Section 530 row 1 seat 101
Section 532 row 1 seat 101
Section 533 row 1 seat 1
Section 534 row 1 seat 1
Section 536 row 1 seat 1
Section 538 row 1 seat 1





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