Seat view from section 215 at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Kings


#2 Philip 2013-01-07 05:59
I'm a season ticket holder in section 215, which is above and behind the net where the Kings shoot twice. It's high enough so there's very little obstruction by the net or glass, but you still feel close to the action. It also gives me a clear view of both team's benches. Sometimes, rather than watching the game as a whole, I focus on a single player and watch him play his shift from beginning to end. It really changes your perspective on the game and you really start to appreciate what each player contributes to the play.

The 100s are pretty good, too. I bought glass seats once just to experience them. If you've never had glass seats before, it's definitely worth checking out at least once. It's especially awesome when a player is checked hard into the boards right in front of you.

The problem with glass seats is that you do end up missing part of the game. You can see clearly through your panel of glass, and 2, maybe 3 panels to your left and right, and then your view gets distorted and ultimately blocked.
#1 Saul S 2012-08-15 22:16
The mid level seats are great at the Staples Center. The first few seats will be amazing because there will be no fans to get up during the game to bother your view of the ice. The tickets are much more affordable than what I had expected. I only paid $120 for two tickets vs. the Philadelphia Flyers.

The 200s aren't premier seats even though they're both on the second portion of seating, so you won't be ordering food from a server in your section. You'll be going to the concessions just as you always do and paying top dollar for mediocre nachos and hot dogs.

I found this arena to cater more to trendy people who may or may not be interested in hockey but just want to be seen in public. Movie stars included.

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