Seat view from section 329 at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs


#1 Steve Strait 2012-09-26 06:27
329 sat to the side of the West end zone. I liked sitting there and I think you will too. Hard to explain but because we were so high up but were still technically on the sidelines, I couldn't imagine the 50 yard line seats being that much better. And section 329 will always be more affordable than section 324 when it comes to Chiefs tickets.

Wear your walking shoes, as a reminder. There are tons of stairs to climb depending on which row you're in. We were in row 17 so the climb wasn't bad at all. The section began with row 1 and ended with row 42 at the top. (I know because the usher said there were 42 rows total in 329). It will remind you of the stairway to Heaven.

Also, bring one of those comfortable seat cushions that usually accompany bleacher seats. You'll thank me later.

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