#3 Eddie K. 2013-10-25 04:13
Small section but the seats aren't permanent. They're the foldout chairs and they didn't have any cup holders for our drinks. In a city that loves it's beer as much as Milwaukee, you would think the Bradley Center would at least have cup holders at every seat. The Bucks bench was just a few feet to the right of where we were sitting.
For seats that are supposed to be courtside, you won't be nearly as close to the court as what you would expect. Plenty of "walking room" in front of these seats and it was also a little tough to see the other end of the court but that's going to be the same story sitting at the ends of the court in any basketball arena.
#2 Cain 2012-11-28 00:04
Awesome seats, right next to the Bucks player tunnel that they run out of before the game so you'll be within close proximity of the players many times throughout the game. Loved sitting here and these seats are a bargain considering what you would pay for similar seats in Chicago. I don't think Bucks fans know how well they have it.
#1 Gary K 2011-12-12 01:09
Pretty average section behind the goal. View of the court is fine. Not too many rows to this section, chairs are foldout chairs-not the most comfortable.
The Bradley Center is maybe one of the worst nba arenas I have been to. Reminds me of an arena from the late 80s.
Don't expect the Taj Mahal.

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