#2 Fern 2012-11-28 00:09
There aren't a ton of private/luxury seating areas at the Bradley Center but these seats in 102 are considered to be premium. The rows were lettered AA-KK but the first two rows are AAA and BBB; just so you know which rows come first. I have sat here a number of times with a buddy and love sitting this close to the court. Wouldn't mind having these seats as season tickets. The adjacent tunnel is the tunnel the Bucks use to get to the locker room which was pretty cool.
These guys are huge!!!

These seats are a little on the pricier side but you get a free game program and if you ask me, they're well worth the ticket price no matter who the Bucks are playing that night. Not that I ever pay for these seats or anything...
#1 Lance 2012-11-28 00:00
Took the fam to see the Bucks vs. the New Orleans Hornets last February. To try and help you paint a picture of what these seats are like, I can tell you that they sit directly underneath/behind the backboard. It's really hard to judge the depth of the floor sitting at this angle and at the floor level. But at least we were close to all of the action; the upper levels at the Bradley Center are no fun, believe me.

Our seats weren't permanent seats; they were all foldout chairs, comfortable but not too comfortable. No cup holders either since they're temporary seating. You will have to lay your beer on the floor which raises the risk of you kicking that liquid gold over on the floor, $9 down the drain.
102 is definitely among the cheaper courtside club seats since they don't run along the sidelines of the court. Game programs are typically complimentary as is parking, especially if you buy these seats as season tickets.

The Bradley Center is a little bland; especially when you compare it to Lambeau Field and Miller Park. But it has some character and whether you're watching Marquette, the Admirals or the Bucks, it's a great way to spend an evening downtown.

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