Seat view from section 221 at the Bradley Center, home of the Milwaukee Bucks


#1 Vic 2012-11-28 00:44
I had some trouble finding my seat in section 221 for the 76ers game last season (March 5th, 2012). I was in row Q, which is on either side of the tunnel in this section. There are only two or three seats assigned to each row which I definitely appreciate since I have an overactive bladder. Finally, a member of the arena staff saw us scrambling for our seats and asked if we needed help and he immediately found our seats. Those ushers sure take their jobs seriously but I guess they have to deal with a lot of fans trying to sneak into the slightly more expensive seats.

The view was only ok. It was hard to see the other end of the court because these seats sit further back rather than higher up. All of the lower level seats are good seats as opposed to sitting on the upper level; I've done plenty of that. But even from the corner of the arena, you'll be able to see the court a little better. The Bucks won, so at the end, I was happy.

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