Seat view from section 400 at the Bradley Center, home of the Milwaukee Bucks


#3 Duke 2013-10-25 05:10
The upper deck is a ghost town on most week nights but the night we went, we saw the Bucks play the Chicago Bulls (1/4/2013) and they always bring a big crowd. Milwaukee is only 90 minutes from Chicago, even closer to the Chicago suburbs. It's a fun rivalry and there are always more Bulls fans than Bucks fans and they aren't always respectful.
Our seats were about five rows up and we had the aisle seats. The upper level in any NBA arena you travel to is about the same. Some have obstructions, some don't, there are none at the Bradley Center. The views are the best from this section since every seat is right on the center court line. The rows were very narrow so if your row is full, this presents a problem when trying to get in and out to go to the restroom.
The difference in price between row A and row B I've noticed is pretty significant but as long as you're in the first ten rows, you should be able to enjoy the view just fine. Could still make out which players were which and the new scoreboard is excellent.

Getting to the upper level could be a little confusing if you've never been here before. The escalators are in the Outer East and Outer West atriums and you will ride these actually up to the main level as well as to the upper level. There is no light rail going to the arena but plenty of free off street parking after working hours and the Bradley Center Park structure on 6th and Highland always has plenty of parking spots if you get there early.
#2 John M 2013-10-24 23:16
To give you an idea what the view of the court is like from section 400, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Bucks/Houston Rockets game at the Bradley Center.
#1 Charles W. 2011-12-12 01:37
Tickets for upper level seats at the bradley center come very cheap. You can find tickets for as cheap as $10 on most nights.
Sat in this section for the Bucks-Mavs game last season.
You basically end up watching the game on the jumbotron which is a downgrade from your 50 inch t.v. at home. If you are going to a Bucks game, go with lower level seats.

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