Seat view from section 409 at the Bradley Center, home of the Milwaukee Bucks


#1 Nick West 2012-11-29 03:59
If you're looking for a lively fan environment for a Bucks game, you'll want to attend the weekend games. Weeknight games unless the Bulls or Lakers are in town, are pretty tame. I sat in 409, row M on a weeknight (Feb. 16th 2011 vs. Denver Nuggets) and the upper level was half full. We could essentially sit wherever we wanted on the top level but we stuck with the seats we paid for.

The view from 409 was a good one, even though it's behind the basket, the other end of the court could be seen really well. It's fun to watch the fast breaks that advance toward you; especially when it ends up being a fast break dunk. There could stand to be a little more leg room but I don't think there is a basketball venue around where fans don't complain about the lack of legroom. It's relative to the size of the person.

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