Seat view from section 308 at the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets


#1 Marcellus 2013-01-04 04:13
308 is a good section to just spread out and watch a Nuggets game. I think I have also sat in this section or a similar section for an Avalanche game as well. The view is much better for hockey from the upper level because the ice is so much bigger than a basketball court and hockey is much more fluid than basketball.

I saw the Nuggets take on the LA Lakers when I sat here, row 11 to be exact which was the exact middle of the section. The Lakers is always a great game to see even though the Lakers suck this year and Lakers fan seemingly always just show up out of the woodwork in their purple and gold. Many of them have likely never even been to California before but like them because everyone else likes them. Try being a Nuggets fan for 15 years.

The seats could stand to be more comfortable but the tickets are cheap and the games are always fun so it evens out.

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