Seat view from section 337 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 David Palumbo 2013-07-20 18:57
I liked section 337. Had never sat in the right field pavilion area before - It's just where I happened to end up after seeing a good deal on Ticket Network for a Cardinals/Cubs series. I paid $60 for two seats in row 2, seats 13 & 14. Not cheap but also not terribly expensive. We were no where near as high up as we were when we sat on the Terrace for our last game so it's a great sight line. A small section is good for the fans that don't like to hear all of the chatter and nonstop talking amongst the fans around you. Everyone behind us and in our row kept quiet for the most part until the team did something well. So everyone in 337 is very well behaved and it's a good spot to sit with the family.
The actual seats are not padded, these aren't club seats and there is a lot of Club Seating options available at Busch Stadium. Every seat comes with it's own drink holder, don't even think the old Busch Stadium had drink holders, I really can't remember. What really makes these seats special though is the view of the skyline straight ahead. There are only a handful of MLB ballparks that have integrated the skyline into their ballpark. Cardinals fans should feel special.

The team store was very good, it's just outside of Gate 3 on the 8th street side. It was similar to the team store I saw at Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati and has just as good of a collection of St. Louis gear.

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