Seat view from bleacher section 191 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 James Absher 2013-07-20 21:40
I've sat in section 591 for more games than I can count. I like it because I can usually harass Cubs pitchers like Marmol and Gregg while the game is going on; the visiting team's bullpen is right in front of these seats.
Unlike Wrigley Field, the Busch Stadium bleachers aren't general admission so you will have to be strategic in which row you choose. I personally wouldn't choose any bleacher seat past row 12. It's hard to see the warning track from these seats too, so some fans may dislike that aspect.
Sections 501-505 are the best bleacher sections because they sit the closest to the field and are behind each team's center fielder where all of the outfield action is.
The only downside to section 591 is going to be having your back to downtown St. Louis and the Gateway arch. You can't see either while looking at the field and watching the game. Your view of the main scoreboard in center field will also be pretty minimal. On a more positive note, the bleacher seats are a great way to catch the Cardinals for as little as $10 a seat. Now you know why I've seen so many games from the bleachers.
In my opinion, there isn't a bad seat at Busch Stadium. The company that built this place did an excellent job with the seat placement and angles. There isn't a huge selection at the concessions but it's highway robbery.
Almost $9 for a domestic beer? Must be expensive walking the beer from the factories across the street to the stadium.

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