Seat view from reserve section 13 at Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers


#1 Anaya 2014-03-02 03:10
I would recommend that all Dodgers fans avoid these seats unless it's a soldout game and you're stuck with them. If it all possible, try to move to different seats if these are your seats. The reason is the structure supporting the Top Deck seats can keep you from seeing some parts of home plate and the stadium depending on which row you end up with.
Dodger Stadium is a very traditional looking stadium but it's not too traditional in practice. The crowd flow is terrible because you can only access the gates you have tickets for so many Dodger fans walk around before the game with that confused look on their face. The stadium staff is helpful when you can find them. You also must exit the parking gate you entered when leaving. All to keep fans with upper level tickets from sneaking into the bottom level. Hey...rules are rules I guess.
What I WILL NOT recommend are the Dodger Dogs. You hear about them non-stop league wide but they're not all that great. Just really long hot dogs on stale buns; a heart attack waiting to happen. Buy one if it's your first but after that, stick with the nachos or jumbo pretzels. I'm a big fan of eating at Eagle Rock Brewery or somewhere down at LA Live before or after Dodger games. Saves money.

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