Alabama basketball fan.


Fanhood is what makes sports so special. It brings everyone together. It also allows us to engage in friendly conversation and gives us days to look forward to on our busy schedules.  There are, however, some groups of fans that tend to take things a little too far come game day. See if your favorite team had the misfortune of making our list of the most annoying fan bases in both professional and college sports.



Photo of a group of Vancouver Canucks fans.

9. Vancouver Canucks Fans

Do you know what a "Canuck" is? It's a nickname for a French-Canadian. And everyone knows those are the worst kind of Canadians (wee wee!). The franchise has never won a Stanley Cup yet they boast like they're rooting for the Montreal Canadiens. None of the Vancouver Canucks fans are more annoying than "Sully" and "Force" - two fans that dress in green spandex suits for every single home game and playfully tease the visiting players in the penalty box. Here is an ESPN documentary on the two super fans.





Photo of Duke basketball fans at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

8. Duke Basketball Fans

Oh, you like Duke Basketball, huh? What North Carolina city is Duke located in? You don't know, do you? Did you go to Duke University? Nope. You sure didn't. The "Cameron Crazies" have some great chants and I love their excitement at Duke home games. But if  I were number 32 on Clemson's team, I would be going "Ron Artest on someone" after I in-bounded that basketball. Nerds.





Photo of New York Yankees fans at Yankee Stadium.

7. New York Yankees Fans

We get it. You have 27 World Series titles and the best players money can buy. Being a New York Yankees fan is so hard (*rolls eyes*).  I love the passion and fire that brews between the Boston Red Sox fans and the New York Yankees fans. It's what makes the rivalry one of the best, if not the best in sports. Unfortunately, there is a lot of poor sportsmanship involved with that particular rivalry. Here is a Youtube video of what it's like walking through the Yankee Stadium bleachers if you're a fan of the Boston Red Sox.


I'm a big fan of "Bald Vinny" Milano. He's a dedicated fan and comes to every New York Yankees home game. Has for years.  But the "Yankees Roll Call" in the Yankee Stadium bleachers can be pretty annoying.





Photo of Chicago Blackhawks fans at Grant Park.

6. Chicago Blackhawks Fans

Seriously. From what Illinois rock did all of you clowns crawl out of? When Patrick Kane and Jonathon Toews were rookies, you couldn't give away Chicago Blackhawks tickets at the United Center. A couple of Stanley Cup victories later and now you can't buy Blackhawks tickets. Oh, I'm crazy, huh? Well NHL Legend Patrick Roy feels the same way we doCheck out this Youtube video of Chicago Blackhawks fans during last season's Stanley Cup Championship Parade in downtown Chicago.





Photo of Chicago Cubs fans in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

5. Chicago Cubs Fans

Chicago Cubs fans for the most part, are a very good-natured fan base. Or at least good-natured to everyone that doesn't root for the Chicago White Sox or St. Louis Cardinals. A friend once told me a Cubs game at Wrigley Field was a glorified "Frat Party". That no one watches the game and are too busy texting on their phones to cheer for the team. That's right. Wrigley Field is the place to "be seen" among young Chicago socialites during the Summer months. They booze at the nearby Wrigleyville bars before games and then enter the ballpark and drink all of the $9 Old Styles that their little hearts could desire. They sit on rooftops and bake in the sun, sing along to Steve Goodman and raise "W" flags if their team wins. Ever wonder who started the trend to throw the opposing team's home run balls back onto the field? Now you know. Here is what Hall of Fame Cincinnati Reds announcer thinks of the Chicago Cubs faithful.

Who could forget how Chicago Cubs fans treated Steve Bartman, a Cubs fan, during the 2003 NLCS. Poor guy. Whatever happened to him anyway?






Photo of Cholo sports fans.

4. Fans that Root for the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Dodgers Simultaneously.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Oakland Raiders have seemingly welcomed California's gang culture into their stadiums with open arms. A game seen from Oakland Coliseum's "Black Hole" or Dodger Stadium's "Bleachers" can turn into a dangerous outing. Just ask San Francisco Giants fan Bryan StowI'm not sure how these cultures collided but it's well documented 




Photo of Philadelphia Eagles fans at Lincoln Financial Field.

3. Philadelphia Eagles Fans

Just like every other NFL fan base, there are good fans and ones that give the entire group a bad rap. Most of the league is convinced that all Philadelphia Eagles fans are maniacal though. After all, they booed Santa Claus and pelted him with Snowballs in the 1960s. At the old Veterans Stadium, the organization even had a jailhouse built underneath the stadium for unruly fans. Think that was just an urban legend? Think again. The jail was run by Supreme Court Judge Seamus McCaffery. Just last season, a Detroit Lions fan was assaulted by a group of six Eagles fans as he was leaving Lincoln Financial Field. If you would like to see an accurate portrayal of Philadelphia Eagles fans on the big screen, go watch the movie 'Invincible' starring Mark Wahlberg. You stay classy, Philadelphia.





Photo of Anthony Schlegel body slamming an Ohio State student.

2. Ohio State Football Fans

There are probably plenty of Michigan Wolverine fans that would love to buy former Buckeye and Cincinnati Bengals lineman Anthony Schlegel a beer after this body slam. Earlier this season, a drunk Ohio State student ran onto the field, thus, interrupting the game. What got me was the aftermath. The student actually pleaded not guilty when he was sanctioned by the University. WOW! Further validating our number 2 ranking of Ohio State's football fans is none other than Mr. Buckeye himself - Kirk Herbstreit. Herbstreit became so disgusted with the Buckeye fan base that he and his family left Columbus for Nashville, Tennessee. This fan base is relentless and they have plenty to cheer about, don't get me wrong. Ohio State football is as good as any college football program in the country. But for real Buckeye fans, take it down a notch.




Photo of University of Kentucky basketball fans.

1. Kentucky Basketball Fans

This group takes the cake. Talking basketball in general with a Kentucky fan always turns out to be a comical outing. The math is simple. UCLA has 11 NCAA basketball titles and Kentucky has 12 (not really).  When September hits and Midnight Madness looms, Kentucky fans camp out on the school's campus for weeks so that they can get tickets to practice! (Allen Iverson Voice). Don't you people have jobs? Go back to your Shanties! They say Kentucky basketball fans travel well but in reality, it's just that there are bandwagon fans scattered throughout the entire country. Heck, even Drake is a Kentucky basketball fan.

Photo of Drake in a Texas A&M sweatshirt.

Wait a minute.... Drake likes a lot of teams.

The Kenucky fan base constantly makes cultural and racial put downs of the neighboring Louisville fan base. They worship a coach that has left two college programs on probation. They even light couches on fire during NCAA round of 32 victories. 


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