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Trust me, we get it. Playing professionally in any sport is tough. When Jalen Rose recently decided to make his list of the top ten greatest NBA players of all-time, we decided to go the other direction. Here is a list of the top ten worst NBA players of all-time. We felt bad but everyone loves the "Not Top 10 Plays" on ESPN, right? 


Former NBA player Brian Cardinal.

10. Brian Cardinal

Nicknamed "The Custodian", Brian Cardinal was actually a good offensive player as a collegiate at Purdue University. He averaged 13.9 points per game and led the Boilermakers to an Elite 8 appearance. Throughout his scattered 12 year NBA career, he played for six teams including a stint playing in Spain. Due to his lack of athleticism, however, Cardinal had to adopt a more blue collar style of play in the NBA. He could often be seen taking charges and diving for loose balls on the floor. Cardinals will be most remembered for his time spent with the Dallas Mavericks

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 4.6
  • RPG: 2.3
  • APG: 1.0



Former NBA player Pete Chillcut.

9. Pete Chillcut

After a stellar career at North Carolina under Dean Smith, Chilcutt was drafted by the Sacramento Kings in the first round. After spending three seasons with the Kings, he spent his remaining six seasons with six different teams. He did manage to win an NBA title with the Houston Rockets in 1994-1995 though. The lanky power forward had a decent shooting touch but no athleticism.

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 4.3
  • RPG: 3.3
  • APG: 0.8



Former NBA player Mark Madsen.

8. Mark Madsen

Nicknamed "The Mad Dog" from his days at Stanford University, Madsen was known more for his lack of dancing skills than his basketball abilities. Like Brian Cardinal, Madsen adopted a blue collar style of play and was very physical defensively, just ask Shaquille O'Neal. He spent his first three seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers and his final six with the Minnesota Timberwolves. What talent the guy didn't have on the basketball court, he made up for in personality. And yes, we just had to include his dancing video from the 2001 LA Lakers Championship parade.

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 2.2
  • RPG: 2.6
  • APG: 0.4



Former NBA player Chuck Hayes.

7. Chuck Hayes

When Chuck Hayes was at the University of Kentucky, he was advertised as being a hulking 6'6. Anyone that has seen the guy in person can attest that he is closer to the 6'4 neighborhood. I've heard the exact same thing about another "Chuck" with a similar pudgy build. That's right, folks. Sir Charles Barkley. But unfortunately, Chuck Hayes' game was no where near as polished as Sir Charles. See for yourself. (The look on Allen Iverson's face is priceless). 

Originally undrafted and strictly a D-League player, Hayes was given a 10 day contract in 2006 by the Houston Rockets after they experience a ton of injuries to their front court. He has bounced around the NBA ever since.

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 3.8
  • RPG: 5.1
  • APG: 1.2




Former NBA player Zan Tabak.

6. Zan Tabak

I know what you're thinking. The guy in the photo looks an awful lot like a Cold War boxer that fought Rocky Balboa. But no, it's just Zan Tabak who was actually Croatian, not Russian. For whatever reason, Tabak did not join the Houston Rockets immediately after they had drafted him. He also decided to leave the NBA early to return to play Overseas where he played most of his career. In parody, there is a Toronto Raptors blog called the "Zan Tabak Herald". Like Pete Chilcutt, Tabak was also a member of the 1994-1995 Houston Rockets where he won an NBA title sitting the bench. 

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 5.0
  • RPG: 3.6
  • APG: 0.7



Former NBA player Chris Jent.

5. Chris Jent

It was hard just finding a photo of this guy for our "Not Top 10 list". Chris Jent played collegiately with Jim Jackson at Ohio State University.  He played only six regular season games in two NBA seasons. Three with the Houston Rockets and three with the New York Knicks. Oddly enough, he played in eleven postseason games with the Houston Rockets and won an NBA title sitting the bench with them in 1994. Just a few weeks ago, Jent was fired as an assistant coach of the Sacramento Kings. 

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 6.2
  • RPG: 2.7
  • APG: 1.3




Former NBA player Cherokee Parks.

4. Cherokee Parks

Aside from maybe Fat Lever, Cherokee Parks carries the distinction of having maybe the worst name in NBA history. The Duke alum played for seven different teams over his ten year NBA career after being selected 12th overall by the Dallas Mavericks in 1995. Here is a video of Cherokee showcasing his defensive skills in a game vs. the San Antonio Spurs. Apparently he came out of retirement in 2011 to play in France. Wish we could find some game tape from that year. 

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 4.4
  • RPG: 3.6
  • APG: 0.6




Former NBA player Keith Closs.

3. Keith Closs

Though Keith Closs was a decent shot blocker in the NBA, he had a notoriously poor work ethic. According to Closs, he had an alcohol problem before joining the Los Angeles Clippers in 1997 and received three DUI's throughout his career. Turns out Keith Closs wasn't a very popular guy in general. Word is he is still playing minor league basketball throughout the world. 


Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 3.9
  • RPG: 2.9
  • APG: 0.3



Former NBA player Sun Yue.

2. Sun Yue

Yue was drafted 40th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2007. He didn't actually sign with the team until August 2008. The highlight of his career came against the Milwaukee Bucks when he tallied four fouls and two turnovers in five minutes (not a typo). He was sent to the D League after only a few games with the Lakers before being waived by the team in 2009 after the NBA Finals. At the time, he was the first Chinese player to ever "win"an NBA title. The New York Knicks gave him a chance but quickly waived him. Yue currently plays for the Beijing Ducks where he is a teammate of former NBA players Stephon Marbury and Randolph Morris. 

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 0.6
  • RPG: 0.0
  • APG: 0.2




Former NBA player Brian Scalabrine.

1. Brian Scalabrine

Our number one selection for the worst NBA player OF ALL TIME is pretty unanimous. He won an NBA title with the Boston Celtics in 2008 despite never appearing in any of the playoff games. He is currently a television analyst for the Boston Celtics. Although a decent college player at the University of Southern California, Scalabrine didn't have the athleticism to contribute major minutes at the NBA level. Nevertheless, the Celtics gave him a five year, $15 million deal. 

"The White Mamba" as he is often called, once got so pissed at Boston area fans for dissing his game, he challenged anyone to come down and play him one on one. Here is the footage from the event. We've been told the first opponent in the video played for Syracuse University at the time. 

Career Statistics:

  • PPG: 3.1
  • RPG: 2.0
  • APG: 0.8



Honorable Mention

  • Darko Milicic - I'll take it easy on Darko. It's not that he was a terrible basketball player or bad person. He gets so much hatred from basketball fans because he was drafted ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in 2003. The Detroit Pistons lived it down pretty nicely and won an NBA title only a year later over the LA Lakers.
  • Mengke Bateer - Watching this guy run up and down the court was just painful. He did, however, manage to win an NBA title with the San Antonio Spurs making him only one of two Chinese born players to win an NBA title. "Bateer" as he is often only called, was also a member of the Denver Nuggets and Toronto Raptors.
  • Bryant "Big Country" Reeves - Labeled as one of the biggest busts in NBA history, Big Country was a member of the expansion Vancouver Grizzlies and was their first overall pick in 1995. His constant battles with his weight contributed to the chronic back pains which forced him to retire from the NBA early in 2001.