For those of you not up to date with the lingo, a "man cave" or "fan cave" is just another word for a man's basement. A lair where the male goes to relax, drink beer, watch sports and get away from the wife (kidding).

Plenty of dads have them; they can be dedicated to NASCAR or they can be neutral with no theme at all. But how many men can say they have a man cave dedicated to their favorite NFL team?  I have been scouring the web for quiet some time today to find the best of the best. I found three different NFL man cave themes that caught my eye; a Cincinnati Bengals man cave, a Washington Redskins man cave and a Pittsburgh Steelers man cave.


Photo of a Cincinnati Bengals man cave 1.        Photo of a Cincinnati Bengals man cave 2.

I love the orange colors here. He's also got the big screen television in another picture. He should take a look at the official Bengals sofas and armchairs on to really complete the room. Bobbleheads are my favorite items when it comes to memorabilia. I am a huge Bengals fan and I must say I am very envious. Although when I do purchase my first home I will also include my Cincinnati Reds items in the room as well. WHO DEY!


Photo of a Washington Redskins man cave 1.       Photo of a Washington Redskins man cave 2.

For this Washington Redskins man cave, the Fathead Helmet is a great addition to any man cave. We're fairly certain Fathead has all 32 teams available for purchase. He needs to upgrade to a couple of flat screen TVs here. Maybe also put the TVs on wall mounts so he would have more wall space for some more Redskins items. Those chairs aren't ideal. He too should take a look at the Redskins sofas and armchairs available on NFL Shop. He had a neat Redskins rug in one of his photos with a Redskins coffee table. This guy is hardcore. But not as hardcore as the guy below.


Photo of a Pittsburgh Steelers man cave 1.      Photo of a Pittsburgh Steelers man cave 2.

Is this Steelers man cave a little over the top? Too cluttered? Believe it or not, I am almost positive the photo on the right is this guy's living room. Reminds me of Ray Finkle's Dan Marino/Miami Dolphins man cave in the movie "Ace Ventura".  What's crazy is he lives in Georgia which is no where even close to Steelers country. This guy even had a Bengals toilet seat in his bathroom. Kudos to this guy. He is 63 years and has clearly been collecting Pittsburgh Steelers items his entire life.

We sure hope many of you NFL fanatics are inspired because I sure am. Some of the best online merchants a fan could purchase your favorite team's items include Fanatics, Amazon, Ebay and Happy hunting.


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