Panorama of the field at PNC Park. Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Image Credit: Peter Rieke (CC BY 2.0)

OK, so the Pittsburgh Pirates are not too awful this year. They are 63-75 in the standings as of today. Good for fourth place and 18.5 games back in the always competitive National League Central. In 2010, the Pittsburgh Pirates finished dead last in the National League Central division with a record of 57-105. 

While this would be considered a terrible season for nearly all other Major League Baseball teams, the Pirates are averaging more than 25,000 people per game at PNC park this season. And although the Pittsburgh Pirate fan base do not get to see a playoff bound team in 2011, guess what they get next year? An increase in ticket prices at PNC Park. That's right. Because their not-so-good team has slightly improved, it's going to cost the fans more money to see their team live. Only slightly though. The price of an average season ticket in Pittsburgh was $15.30 in 2011; 43% lower than all other Major League Baseball teams. In 2012, the average season ticket price will increase .81 cents. Doesn't seem like much but when thousands of fans attend a home game, the ballpark is netting thousands of dollars in additional revenue.

The most expensive seats at PNC Park will see the heaviest hike in price. A ticket directly behind home plate, also known as the Lexus Club, costs $195 per ticket this season but will cost $225 in 2012; an increase of $30. I had examined this issue in a previous article instead focusing on NFL tickets. Supply and demand. It's simple economics that fans of any sport cannot avoid. Major League Baseball fans of all 30 teams want their team to succeed so badly yet don't make the visit to the ballpark until the team does well. As the team's wins increase, so does the attendance and as a result, the ticket price. It's a never-ending cycle.


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